About HGOco

Engaging Experiences. Discovery. This is HGOco.

Opera tells stories through words and music. Every culture has a musical storytelling tradition, providing the common ground on which HGOco builds new and lasting relationships with the communities we serve.

HGOco connects our company to our community through collaboration.

HGOco's programs encompass the majority of HGO's non-mainstage activity, and promote observation, participation and creation in the performing and visual arts. Enlightening teacher workshops, innovative new work and collaborations with kindred organizations through Song of Houston, a renowned High School Voice Studio, and performances in schools and community centers - there's something for everyone.

A center for exploration and creativity, the catalyst for a revolution in cultural service.

HGOco expands and reinvents the purpose of opera and music theater, establishing HGO as a relevant and indispensable cultural resource for our city and our art form.

HGOco. A playground for the curious.

Folks of HGOco

Sandra Bernhard, HGOco Director
Sue Elliott, HGOco Manager
Kade Smith, Education Coordinator