High School Night at the Opera is here

Paul Abdullah here continuing our HGO highschool night at the opera live blog during our first intermission.  The curtain just closed on an impressive first act, starring many HGO Studio members and UH's Cynthia Clayton as Cio-Cio San.  Check out all the student reactions we are posting at the HGOco Facebook page (seach for HGOco on facebook and click "like" to see all the posts).


HGO said...

Wow, two acts later and the current has just closed on Highschool night at madame butterfly. The students showed their appreciation with an instant standing ovation for the excellent cast. The students proved an attentive audience, never missing a comic beat in act II, and then listening in rapt silence for the pathos heavy third act. The scene stealing son of Butterfly was a particular favorite of this audience, as well as the impressive turntable set while butterfly is waiting for Pinkerton, and of course the powerful performance of Cynthia Clayton as Butterfly swept the students away.

HGO said...

Students and Grown-ups are lining up to get autographs from the cast, eagerly asking, "how much longer do we have to wait?"

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